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"The Pen may be Mightier than the Sword . . .
but Learn to use a Sword first!"

Proud to be a Fencer!

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All classes held at:
LP Wilson Community Center Gym
599 Matianuck Ave., Windsor, CT
(off Rt. 218--Cottage Grove Rd., near intersection with I-91)

The FVFA Foil Team is a new 2008-2009 program for competitive foil fencers (boys and girls) and is by invitation only (if I feel you qualify to be part of the Team, you will be contacted directly).  Fencers on the team must be willing to: train hard (absolute minimum 2x a week), attend USFA competitions (both at FVFA and at other fencing clubs)--both alone or with teammates--during the current season, have a good pro-active attitude, be able to put fencing at a higher priority than other activities, and, obviously, be able to represent FVFA as their primary fencing club at competitions.  This is currently the highest level program at FVFA for competitive foilists.  There are no age restrictions, but a certain level of maturity is key to be part of the team.  IF YOU DO NOT LIKE TO OR WANT TO COMPETE, THE TEAM IS NOT FOR YOU.


Visitors and guests welcome anytime during class and open fencing hours

For information on beginner session start dates and/or to request a membership form, please e-mail Coach Mal-sun at

Membership Info


Beginner Sessions: *

Beginner 1:  $195.00 (includes 8 classes and equipment rental)
Beginner 2:  $195.00 (includes 8 classes and equipment rental)
* Prices all inclusive—no additional membership fees required. 

Memberships (paid in 2-Month periods):
Intermediate/Upper Intermediate/Competitive classes: 
(1 group class per week) 
$140.00/month (2 group classes per week)
Membership includes:
~   Instruction and Class fees
~   Open floor sessions at designated times
~   Fencing gear and equipment at discounted prices
~   FVFA representation at fencing tournaments and discounts at FVFA Member-only tournaments and special events.  
Other Fees and Discounts:
Daily Floor Fee: $10.00 (for non-members only)
Miscellaneous Info:
~   Beginner classes limited to a max of 8 students
~   REQUIRED ITEMS: workout/gym attire with full-leg pants required (warm-ups, yoga pants, leggings, sweatpants, etc. NO jeans or cargo pants), a designated pair of sneakers for indoor use only to put on AT the facility, water.
~   If your child needs help putting on the equipment (i.e., getting dressed/undressed), then a responsible adult must be available during class to assist him/her.
~   All safety rules strictly enforced.  Non-compliance with instructor’s orders will result in immediate dismissal without refunds.